A Beginner’s Guide: Taylormade Golf Clubs to Use When Playing Golf

Golfers know that they need a specific club for a particular play in order to achieve their goal and Taylormade golf has an array of golf clubs to offer. If you are a serious golfer, then you know that having a variety of golf clubs in your golf bag is important. Every golfer should have a driver, a putter, hybrids, woods, and irons.

Your golf club is your ally in the golf battlefield and you should know the specific golf club to use according to your style of play and skill. Keep in mind that the maximum count of golf clubs that you must have in your bag is 14. You need to be prudent in picking the golf clubs to bring and you need to keep the number within or below the maximum limit.

The Driver

Taylormade Golf ClubsThe driver is the largest and often the longest golf club that a golfer owns. It is usually made of titanium, steel, or other complex materials. The shaft of a driver is steel, fiberglass, or graphite. The driver is designed to help you achieve maximum distance. It is usually the most expensive club in you golf bag.

The driver is known to have the lowest loft among the golf clubs. Loft is the club face’s angle which affects the distance that your golf ball will travel and controls the trajectory. Taylormade golf has the driver that suits your preference.

Your Indispensable Putter

Another essential in the golfer’s bag is the putter. You use a putter when you intend to roll the ball on the green and aim for the hole. A putter has a flat face. It comes in several styles and there’s definitely one that will catch your fancy.

Typically, putter shafts are short. You might need to bend down a little as you try to hit the golf ball. There are also long-shafted putters that are fondly called broomstick or belly putters. Other putter styles include mallet, bent, heel-toe, and others.

There are golfers who prefer the regular putters while there are other golfers who find long-shafted putters more to their liking.


The club heads of hybrids are usually shaped like small fairway wood and come with the iron’s shorter shaft. In other words, the hybrids’ design is a combination of fairway wood head and the shaft length of the iron. Hybrids are typically tagged as the golf clubs with the best of both worlds.

The hybrids’ popularity has remained strong and several golfers have decided to replace their irons with hybrids like the ones in the selection of Taylormade golf.

The Woods

Although they are named woods, they are no longer made of wood. They used to be, but sometime in 1980s manufacturers have decided to use metal. Metal has lots of advantages over wood and beginners will gain many benefits from it. The perimeter weighting feature helps provide a wider sweet spot area on the club’s face that will be able to give you a good hit. Low center of gravity or LCG feature gives an assurance that club will be able to give the ball a good hit and launch it.

The important features like low center of gravity and perimeter weighting can only be attained by using metal that is accurately molded.

Because of such features, golfers use these clubs when they need to tee off or hit the ball off the ground. Woods have more loft than a driver which gives the ball a higher trajectory and goes only for a shorter distance.

The Irons

You need more than one iron in your golf bag. In fact, you may need seven different irons. A standard set of this golf club consists of three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and nine. The closer you get to the green, the higher the iron you need to use. It is the club to use if you are only less than 200 yards from the green.


Wedges are tremendously useful to your game and most golfers own at least a few.  They are designed to provide high trajectory and short distance. They are ideal to use around green, in deep rough, or on sand. They are also regarded as specialty irons.

Taylormade golf knows exactly what you need and you will be more than glad that you took time to look around.

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