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HOW TO merge avi files

This is a simple howto explaining how to merge two (or more) avi into one. First get the necessary software. Open terminal (alt+f2 thentype gnome-terminal) and type:

sudo apt-get install mencoder

Next navigate to the folder where your video is located (for simplicity keep all of the files you want to merge in the same folder) and type:

mencoder -ovc copy -oac copy video1.avi video2.avi -o completevideos.avi

Replace video1.avi video2.avi with original videos you want to merge and replace completevideos.avi with whatever you want your merged video to be called.

Here's a little explanation of what mencoder do:

-ovc copy - tells the mencoder to keep the original type of video, no encoding
-oac copy - tells the mencoder to keep the original type of audio, no encoding
-o - specifies the output file name (and location if writen as /location/of/the/merged/video/merged.avi)

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